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Amplifying Autism Awareness: Samantha Ribeiro Matos Reads Proclamation for Upshur County

April 6, 2023

Mountaineer News

Upshur County Commission

Commissioner Sam Nolte, Samantha Ribeiro Matos, Commissioner Kristie Tenney and Commissioner Doug Bush at the March 30th Upshur County Commission Meeting. / Mountaineer News Photo

BUCKHANNON - April is a significant month for raising awareness about autism. It is a developmental disorder that affects a child's communication and social interaction skills.

Samantha Ribeiro Matos, an Upshur County community corrections employee, presented the proclamation for Autism Awareness Month at the March 30th County Commission meeting, and informed the commissioners that around one in 44 school-aged children is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, which is expected to increase further.

Diagnosing a child with autism can be challenging as symptoms vary widely among individuals. It's crucial to acknowledge that timely detection of autism in children can facilitate speedy and effective services. However, there is still much to unravel about this condition. Hence, this month presents a chance to educate ourselves and raise awareness to foster inclusivity for individuals with autism. To learn more, CLICK HERE.

Watch Samantha Ribeiro Matos address the Upshur County Commission during the March 30th meeting and proclaim April as Autism Awareness Month.

Editor's Note: We apologize for the video's audio adjustments, as excessive background noise caused by others in Commission Chambers necessitated it.

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