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Aw Shucks Walley You Don’t Understand

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

By: Robin A. Holstein, Mountaineer News Contributor

Posted: March 29, 2020 | 02:22PM EST

Hinterlands of Eastern Kanawha County:

At a time when half the state is in near panic, and the other half crying conspiracy, we should be able to get solid direction from the highest office holder.

I was on the phone with my father when the Governor’s address came on Saturday evening. “Let me get off here, Dad, and watch this. I’m betting he shuts everything down.”

I could learn just as much by tearing grass from the yard and tossing it in the air.

Honestly, is it too much to ask the Governor to just stop with the hee-haw, golly-gee, aw shucks malarky and just spit it out? Please? The people of West Virginia are not uneducated hillbillies stuck in a 1957 television show.

I am not the first to point out that nothing new was presented Saturday March 21, 2020. So much nothing, in fact, a second broadcast was made the following Monday to explain what he tried to say Saturday. He would issue a stay home order to attempt to slow the roll of the COVID-19 in a couple days.

Look, it is simple. Get someone who can speak plain American English to write your script. Put on a clean shirt, tie, and jacket. Spit out your gum. Sit up straight, and read. Do not ad-lib.

If you must feel you are in an old black and white television show how about making it Dragnet. Give us just the facts, man.

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