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Backyard Bounty: Egg-cellent Reasons to Raise Chickens

March 31, 2023

Mountaineer News

Farm Life Fridays

Welcome to Farm Life Fridays at Mountaineer News! Today, we're going to talk about chickens and whether it's worth the investment to raise them for their eggs.

Chickens are a common sight on farms and homesteads, and for good reason. They're relatively easy to care for, provide a source of protein-rich eggs, and are an important part of sustainable agriculture.

If you're considering raising chickens for their eggs, there are a few things to consider. First, you'll need to decide what breed of chicken to raise. Some breeds are better layers than others, and some are more cold-hardy or heat-tolerant than others. Popular breeds for egg production include the Rhode Island Red, Leghorn, and Australorp.

Once you've selected your chickens, you'll need to provide them with a safe and comfortable place to live. A chicken coop should be large enough to allow each bird at least four square feet of space, and it should be well-ventilated and protected from predators. Chickens also need access to a secure outdoor area where they can scratch, peck, and dust-bathe.

Feeding your chickens is relatively inexpensive. They'll need a high-quality layer feed that provides the right balance of protein, calcium, and other nutrients to support healthy egg production. You can also supplement their diet with kitchen scraps, fruits and vegetables, and even insects.

So, is it worth the investment to raise chickens for their eggs? The answer depends on a few factors. If you're looking to save money on eggs in today's market and are interested in sustainable agriculture, want to know where your food comes from, and enjoy the company of chickens, raising them for their eggs can be a rewarding experience.

You'll need to purchase or build a chicken coop, purchase feed and supplies, and provide ongoing care for your birds. There is an abundance of online resources available that offer DIY plans for coops, runs, and everything else related to raising chickens

In addition to providing a source of fresh, nutritious eggs, chickens also offer other benefits. They can help control pests in your garden, provide fertilizer for your plants, and offer entertainment and companionship.

Overall, chickens can be a valuable addition to a farm or homestead, but it's important to carefully consider the time, effort, and expense involved before deciding whether to raise them for their eggs. With proper care and attention, your chickens can provide you with years of enjoyment and delicious, healthy eggs.

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