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City Council Approves Pay Raises for City Employees, Effective November 1st

October 9, 2022

Mountaineer News

Buckhannon City Council


L-R Councilman Dave Thomas, City Recorder Randy Sander, Mayor Robbie Skinner, Councilman Jack Reger and Councilwoman Pam Bucklew

BUCKHANNON - During their most recent meeting on Thursday, October 6th, Buckhannon City Council unanimously voted to approve pay raises for city employees.

According to Mayor Robbie Skinner, the Revenue and Expense Review Committee had been meeting quite frequently through the month of September to review every board and employee of the city to work on giving pay raises to each department overseen by the municipality.

Watch Mayor Skinner's remarks and recognition to those involved in the process:

Watch Mayor Skinner read aloud the itemized numbers (per department annually) being presented for the pay raises:

Watch Mayor Skinner and City Finance and Administrative Director Amberle Jenkins explain the importance of pay raises for City employees:

Watch Council comments and vote to unanimously approve pay raises for City employees:

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