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City Council Receives USDA Application Process Update for Stockert Youth & Community Center Funding

February 17, 2023

Mountaineer News

Buckhannon City Council

Amberle Jenkins, City of Buckhannon Director of Finance and Administration, addresses City Council during the February 16th meeting.

BUCKHANNON - During the February 16th Buckhannon City Council meeting, a brief update was provided regarding the USDA application process to potentially fund the Stockert Youth & Community Center addition.

“As has been reported in previous Council meetings, we have applied for grant funding to help us with the SYCC building through the USDA, and so there are a couple of items here that we need to talk about and get some direction on as per requirement,” Mayor Robbie Skinner said.

Amberle Jenkins, Director of Finance and Administration, provided the update to City Council.

“We've done the pre-application to the USDA, and then they require other items that we have to go through... Two of those items are an environmental assessment study, which is $8,000, and then the other item is a financial feasibility study,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins explained how locating someone qualified to compile the feasibility study has been challenging thus far (given the steps involved with meeting the USDA requirements), but had potential prospects that will be contacted in an effort to obtain options and cost estimates for the study.

"The reason we’re looking at USDA is because it could partly be a grant and partly a low-interest loan. If we can save a percent of interest, you’re talking a million, million and a half dollars over the term of the loan,” she said.

Councilman David McCauley made a motion to approve the $8000 needed to perform the environmental assessment. Councilman David Thomas seconded the motion and Council unanimously approved.

Watch Amberle Jenkins' full update to City Council, including Councilmembers comments and questions here:

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