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City Councilman Jack Reger Loves the Mountaineers; September 1st City Council Meeting Time Changed

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

August 19, 2022

Mountaineer News

Buckhannon City Council | Jovial Edition

BUCKHANNON - During the August 18th Buckhannon City Council meeting, Mayor Robbie Skinner requested that Council meetings scheduled for the Month of September (1st and 15th) be moved to Tuesday's (6th and 20th), citing scheduling conflicts with the Backyard Brawl (Pitt-WVU) football game on September 1st, and a scheduling conflict on September 15th.

Some concerns were expressed by Councilman David W. McCauley regarding the day change proposal, but ultimately, Council unanimously voted to keep Thursday's in place (September 1st and September 15th) but will change the time to 5:00pm (in lieu of the regularly scheduled 7:00pm) for the September 1st meeting; September 15th will remain the same with City Recorder Randy Sanders running the meeting in the Mayor's absence beginning at 7:00pm.

With regard to the Backyard Brawl game on September 1st, Councilman Jack Reger requested that, at a minimum, the time be changed to 5:00pm for the meeting, proclaiming his love for the WVU Mountaineers:

"I get one day a week that's mine... and that's when West Virginia plays. That's my life! Thirteen days out of the year. You guys can pick any other day for a council meeting, but I don't want to miss the big game (or any game). If the Mountaineers are playing, I want to watch them."

We must agree with Jack... we do love our Mountaineer Football. But here at Mountaineer News, we love our WVWC Bobcats a whole lot more!! Much love to Mr. Reger.

Watch the entire topic of discussion here (scroll to 3:15 for Councilor Reger's 'Proclamation'):

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