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City of Buckhannon to Focus on Park Improvements in 2023

January 24, 2023

Mountaineer News

Buckhannon City Council

City Recorder & Information Coordinator Randy Sanders and Mayor Robbie Skinner during the January 19th Buckhannon City Council meeting, which began by Skinner giving the 2023 State of the City Address.

BUCKHANNON - During the January 19th City Council meeting, the State of the City Address was given by Mayor Robbie Skinner. During the address, he stated that one of the main objectives over the course of this year is to make much-needed improvements to our city parks.

Read the full text of Mayor Skinner's comments here or scroll to watch the full video segment below:

"Over the course of this next year, one of our main goals is to comprehensively look at our city parks and make some much-needed improvements. We've done a great job developing Jawbone Park and the area around it, but the city park on Park Street and our five other Parks also need attention," Skinner said.

"In 2022, the City's first ever Parks and Recreation Board was created by ordinance and the members of that board are set to have their first meeting next week. I am confident that this energetic group will help us to realize the goals of improving all of our parks," he said.

"Council, as we work on our 2023 and 2024 budgets, I'm asking that we consider an allocation of funds to support the efforts and the suggestions of our board and committee members toward improving our parks and facilities", he concluded.

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