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City Council Executes PEIA Renewal and Consulting Agreement with USI's Pete Thackston

June 22, 2022

Mountaineer News

BUCKHANNON, WV - USI Senior Vice President Pete Thackston addressed City Council at the June 16th Council meeting via phone.

Mayor Robbie Skinner opened the agenda with the city employee's PEIA health insurance coverage and introduced Mr. Thackston.

"We have Pete Thackston with USI Insurance services. If you'll recall, the city entered in (a couple of years ago) with an agreement with USI who helps bring us the PEIA insurance coverage for our employees. This is our health insurance provider. And it is time to execute that renewal and that consulting agreement with Mr. Thackston," Skinner said.

Mr. Thackston began by addressing his main concerns with the renewal/consulting agreement for this coming year.

"The main thing that I wanted to talk about is the upcoming renewal executed for July 1... that's a done situation. But we still have several outstanding issues are going within the state of West Virginia with PEIA...

Most of you all are aware that there's quite a hooplah down in the legislature about the reimbursement levels that the hospitals are receiving from PEIA, which is considerably below the the Medicare rates... ," Thackston stated. Watch the video below for full coverage of the session.

The city employee healthcare coverage update: Council voted unanimously to execute the city's PEIA renewal and consulting agreement for the upcoming year.

Video footage - © 2022 Channel 3 Buckhannon.

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