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From: David W. McCauley

Updated: May 9, 2022

"Thank you for supporting my campaign."

May 09, 2022

"Dear Buckhannon,

I want to thank everyone who has supported my campaign to return to City Council. For anyone out there who still hasn't voted (tomorrow is election day), & is pondering candidates offer this- from 2016-20, every project we became involved with- we improved things substantially for our community.

We collaborated with Wesleyan to take a 15 feet high pile of construction debris & earthen material covering six lots, removed it all, & installed our Dog Park- providing recreation while beautifying our River Trail.

We collaborated with ART26201, Buckhannon Community Theatre, First Energy Foundation, & the WV Department of Arts, Culture & History- taking an ole building in the heart of our town, & converted it into an amazing Arts Center that young & old alike will benefit from for the next century.

We collaborated with our Board of Education to take an enormous building just off of College Avenue along Smithfield Street, filled with all kinds of deplorable stuff, razed the building, leveled the landscape, & created dozens of new parking spaces to address crowded, safety concerns on one of our main thoroughfares.

We collaborated with St. Joseph's Hospital to trade various alleys to permit the hospital's development at the bottom of their hill, while creating a whole new street connecting the southwestern portion of our town to East Main Street, now dubbed Apothecary Way.

We took the ugliest alley in the history of alleys right in the heart of our town, collaborating with five private property owners to acquire land to build sidewalks, install amazing public art, lighting & literally connect our beautiful Main Street to our amazing Jawbone Park.

We collaborated with the Development Authority to realize the Innovation Center, also completely rebuilding South Spring Street in the process.

We collaborated with Citizens Bank, Jenkins Ford, Buckhannon Toyota, Weyerhauser, Mike Ross, Tim Critchfield, & dozens of other donors to raise about a half million dollars in seed money for the new multi-use building at our Stockert Youth & Community Center.

We realized huge improvements to our Public Safety Complex. We pushed hard for, & realized a new million gallon water tank. We made immense improvements to our water & sewer plants. We introduced the toter system for our Waste Collection Department. We strengthened the staffing & equipment for our police & fire departments.

I showed up for work every single day to improve our Buckhannon. You know what you'll get if I'm elected, because you got it before- Please help me, help all of us- tomorrow is the day. Thanks, & please check out some of the before & after photos of a few of our many projects, a picture's worth a thousand words! CLICK HERE or on the photo below to see for yourself!"

Vote for David W. McCauley on May 10th!! Our City Council deserves experience, integrity and transparency!

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