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Everyone Will Please Not Panic

By: Robin A. Holstein, Mountaineer News Contributor

Posted: April 13, 2020 | 09:18AM EST

Hinterlands of Eastern Kanawha County:

If my math is correct, April 13 makes 27 days since the Governor issued the stay home order, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So, at the time of this writing we are just under one month of non-essential employees being required to stay home. People are becoming impatient.

I’m not discussing whether people are right or wrong for feeling this way. Humans are not designed to alienate themselves from other humans for long periods of time. Well, most of us. There are those few who tend toward the hermit lifestyle.

Over the weekend I’ve noticed a trend in online friends disparring that life will not return to “normal” because we do not have a cure or vaccine for the COVID-19. Let me be one of the first, if not the first, to assure you things will get back to normal.

Right now we are being instructed to stay home to “slow the curve” not so we don’t get sick, but so fewer will get sick at the same time and put too much of a strain on our hospitals. There will still be people getting the virus. Some of the people who get the virus are not going to survive it.

To tell people that we must stay home, or socially distance ourselves until a cure is found is irresponsible. Why would I dare say that outloud? Because it is true. There are many, many viral and bacterial infections that cannot be cured. We don’t sit home behind black-out curtains because of them do we?

There are treatments for many of those viral and bacterial infections, but no cures and no vaccinations. There is no vaccination for HIV-AIDS yet, but there are treatments. There are no vaccinations for most venereal diseases, but there are treatments. I haven’t noticed the federal or state government demanding abstinence to prevent syphilis lately.

My point is that yes, we will be able to return to normal. We will be able to hug, to shake hands, to go to dinner and sit too close to the next table. We will be able to take vacation, stay in hotels, take cruises, and even go to church services in person.

There are treatments in the works now. Many people are responding positively to medication already in production. Tests and studies will help in the understanding of how COVID-19 works, and moves.

So when the restrictions are lifted, and they will be, don’t be afraid to go back to work. Continue to observe good, no, excellent hygiene, Stay home if you are sick. Don’t send the kids to school on meds to keep a fever down.

It is going to be okay. It really is.

Robin is the owner of Holstein House and Robin’s Desktop.

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