EXCLUSIVE: A Warrant has been issued for a local resident who admitted to defacing campaign signs

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Posted on June 06, 2020 at 11:11AM

BUCKHANNON - Mountaineer News has confirmed that a warrant has been issued for Michael George Shaffer (47) of Buckhannon, WV for defacing political signs belonging to City Council Candidate, Matthew Kerner.

Shaffer admitted to destroying two signs in the Tennerton area on the evening of April 8, 2020 by defacing them with "John Deere Green" spray paint.

Investigators with the West Virginia State Police obtained communications from Shaffer's cell phone, confirming that he was responsible for the vandalism. Shaffer also made additional threats in those communications. The warrant is currently at the Magistrate's office and is scheduled to be served. He also has a previous criminal record.

Shaffer has been an outspoken voice for City Council Candidate Shelia Sines and local blogger, Caiden Cowger, who have condoned threats Shaffer has made to local residents in recent months. Sines also resorted to deleting several questions from her political Facebook page in lieu of responding when concerns regarding their personal relationship were expressed.

Cowger refused to respond when Shaffer's threats were made public on the Mountaineer Journal's Facebook page, but then allowed Shaffer to post its first ever "Letter to the Editor" three days later. Sines and Cowger have not returned requests for comment.

Mountaineer News also has video of Michael Shaffer threatening me (the Publisher) as he drove up and stopped in front of my residence, shouting obscenities and threatening bodily injury as my three small children were present. Charges are currently pending with a protective order being considered.

Defacing yard signs is punishable by imprisonment and hefty fines. If you suspect or witness any suspicious behavior or wrong-doing, please contact local or regional law enforcement.

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