Fantastic Family-Friendly Weekend Ideas

Updated: May 28

May 27, 2022

Family Life | The Editors

Weekends with the family should be spent enjoying activities. It doesn't matter whether you spend the weekend at home or outdoors with your family, the main rule is to plan the weekend in such a way that all family members will be engaged while making lasting memories together without the gadgets and tech.

BUCKHANNON, WV - You get up early in the morning... get the kids ready for school... get yourself ready for work...

Then begins the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We know how exhausting the weekday schedule can be for most of us. Then after you arrive home from work, the next-phase of work begins.

But everything changes when the long-awaited weekend full of positive plans and opportunities arrive. So today, we'll take a look at some fun recreational ideas for the whole family that exclude ALL gadgets and tech.

Take a Camping Trip

Seeing how we're in West Virginia, your options are ubiquitous. Even a short adventurous trip with the family to see the countryside is guaranteed to fill your life with fun memories. Plan your own route so that it is suitable for all family members (including the youngest).

You can take the first part of the road in a vehicle and the other part on foot. Grab a map, compass and camera - it's much more fun that way.

Organize a Grand Feast

Family dinners can be spiced up with creative food and table setting ideas. Think of a theme for the evening and ask your family members to dress up as pirates or evil spirits.

It's important that everyone participate in preparing for the event, otherwise all you'll remember is the piles of dishes and the day at the stove.

Organize a Family Photo Shoot

At least once a year, organize a photo shoot with the participation of all family members. It's a wonderful way to have fun and create a memory to last a lifetime. Mom and dad will see how fast their children grew up during the year and how they themselves have changed.

FREE Fun Inside

Build a fortress out of furniture and blankets. Kids love it. Use their imagination, make a castle with several rooms. Make the familiar interior look brighter.

Movie Night

Going to an interesting premiere at a movie theater with the whole family is perfect for bad weather. If you don't feel like going out, a family weekend can be arranged with watching hilarious comedies at home.

You can go even further and set up a movie theater in your own backyard, prepare snacks, get out the cozy chairs and enjoy an outdoor movie night with the whole family.

Master Classes

For girls: Mom and daughter can paint each other's nails, do makeup, hairstyles, change their closet, thus completely transforming themselves into someone new. Any girl will love the opportunity to become prettier or make her mother even prettier.

For boys: The father can teach his son how to make something, repair with his own hands or teach him how to drive, how to build a car. Boys enjoy spending time with their father in this way.

Or vice versa!


If you have a cottage or backyard, you can all do gardening together and plant new rose bushes, plant a fruit tree, berry bushes or vegetables.

Paint pots together with the kids, decorate the beds with stones or shells and come up with unusual plant decorations.

Have an Evening of Board Games

Play Monopoly or Munchkin. Prepare tasty treats for the games. You can also think of fun prize ideas for the winners.

Organize a Health Day

Start the day with a morning workout, give up junk food for a day, visit the pool with the family or rent bikes. And at the end of the day take an evening walk.

Family Party

Children love it when they have guests over. So it's a good idea to organize a theme party or even arrange a home performance.

Don't forget to prepare a tasty treat for the kids and take pictures. You'll enjoy revisiting them with the whole family.

Creativity with Your Family

Make something for the house with your own hands. Go out in nature on Saturday to collect leaves, interesting twigs, acorns, nuts, pine cones, etc. When you come home, dry it all out and come up with an idea for a home panel or collage, paintings, etc.

Collaborative creativity is very exciting for your kids, especially if each member of the family is given a job for which they will be responsible.

After the work on the picture or panel is complete, you can place or hang the work of art in a prominent place in your home.

Relaxing and Educational Mini-Vacations

For this kind of rest and relaxation, a great example would be visiting the planetarium here at WVWC. A dive into astronomy will be interesting for both child and adults alike: constellations, distant planets, the solar system...

A theater, a museum or one of our several state parks is also the perfect venue for having fun, and (most importantly) making it an informative mini-vacation.


Competitions are a great idea for a weekend get-together with the kids. Bet on who can assemble toys, make the bed, draw their family members, find a hidden treasure...

The themes of the competition can vary greatly, so use your imagination. Think of a prize for the winner and encourage good sportsmanship. Family contests are not only fun, but they also develop different skills that will be useful to children.


Volunteer as much as you can for organizations aimed at helping other families. Donate your time to worthy organizations. There's learning and fun to be had while making new friends for worthy causes. The best part of volunteering is making a difference.

Make it a great weekend tech free and full of memories.