Council Discusses Vetting Organizations Submitting Financial Requests to the City Beginning July 1st

June 21, 2022

Mountaineer News

City Recorder Randy Sanders and Mayor Robbie Skinner

BUCKHANNON, WV - City Council approved a $475.00 request for the Buckhannon-Upshur Youth Council for a sponsorship to help with a movie night; A Youth Led Festival Fridays on July 29th at Jawbone Park.

Upon the request's approval, City Recorder Randy Sanders further recommended that a formal process be implemented for any financial requests beginning the new year (July 1).

"I think, maybe as we begin our new year July 1, we take a look at financial requests that do come into council," Sanders said. As I've been travelling the state (talking about while being active for financial support from different governmental bodies), there is a system that you go through that I would like to review... maybe not be as stringent as some of the municipalities, but when I do go in to speak to a county commission or an organized group, they send me paperwork and they ask me to fill this out and to give background on the event and the organization, if it's a 501c3, present the certification and so forth. I think we probably should tighten it up a little bit and maybe head in that direction."

We could not agree more with our City Recorder. Thank you, Mr. Sanders!

Here's the video clip of Mr. Sanders' full remarks and recommendation with Mayor Robbie Skinner's response.

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