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First WVSC Football Team, Depot Street; A Vintage Buckhannon Exclusive Presented by Mountaineer News

September 19, 2022

Mountaineer News

Vintage Buckhannon

This week, it's a another DOUBLE-SHOT exclusive straight out of the Vintage Buckhannon Vault:

Photo 1:

1902 West Virginia Seminary College Football Team

Under Manager H.S. Byrer and Coaches Peck and Kenna, the first is a rare image depicting the first-ever football team of West Virginia Seminary College in 1902.

In 1905, the institution became Wesleyan University of West Virginia (W.U.W.V.) before changing its name to West Virginia Wesleyan College (W.V.W.C.) in 1906.

Photo 2:

A View Down Depot Street (N. Kanawha) c. 1907

*The second is an old postcard photo depicting a 'familiar' scene in Downtown Buckhannon from Main Street looking northward down Depot Street (now N. Kanawha), c. 1907.


CLICK HERE or on the image above for the Vintage Buckhannon: A West Virginia Wesleyan College Exclusive featured on July 12, 2022.

A first-hand account of the Seminary Building fire is included with rare and exclusive photos - including an authentic Wesleyan University of West Virginia (W.V.W.U.) invitation to the June 5th, 1906 Alumni Day when the board of trustees permanently changed the institution's name to West Virginia Wesleyan College (W.V.W.C.) - and an eye-witness account of the fire.

If you haven't taken the virtual online tour inside the Upshur County Courthouse Clock Tower, you can watch the full feature now by following this link: INSIDE THE UPSHUR COUNTY COURTHOUSE CLOCK TOWER

CLICK HERE to watch a video about FDR's Filmmaker, Pare Lorentz... one of Buckhannon's own. Two of his documentaries are fully viewable here as well.

Revisit us here every Tuesday to see new additions as we continue to build this virtual online pictorial for our community featuring the landmarks and people of Upshur County's bygone days. Stay tuned... it's about to get interesting... and fully interactive with our community.

*Updated September 20, 2022 | Next Update - September 27, 2022

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