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Fish Hawk Acres - Local Restaurant Review #2

By: Digby Connery , Mountaineer News Expert (Backup) Posted: March 8, 2020 | 05:30AM EST

My name is Digby Connery and my cousin, Chesterton Plath is the Mountaineer News Expert. Chesterston is a PA-born WV resident since 1997, which makes him an expert. The Mountaineer News tapped into his literary talents of making people mad in the YouTube comments section and asked him to write reviews. They didn’t specify reviews of what, so he takes that as carte Blanche to review everything and anything. It might be movies or TV shows. It might be books. It might be local restaurants - suffice it to say that if he'll review it, it’s worth sitting up and taking notice of. Speaking of sitting up and taking notice, for his second review, he asked me to take over this week. Did you notice? I'm sure he had good reason for taking the time off. He assured me that he'd return next week with something carte Blanche... whatever that means.

Since payment arrangements were not discussed prior to publishing my professional backup review, I think it best we get straight to the point.

Fish Hawk Acres

Biscotti. The best biscotti in town is at Fish Hawk. It’s crunchy and delicious. I tried to eat 2 but ended up eating 16. I’m sick.


Local Restaurant Review #1 - Sam's Pizza

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