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High-Speed Pursuit Leads to Felony Charge in Upshur County

December 31, 2022

Mountaineer News

Upshur County Sheriff's Office Release

Photo: Upshur County Sheriff's Office

BUCKHANNON - Per a statement released by the Upshur County Sheriff's Department:

On Friday, December 30th, at approximately 11:41am, Deputy Collins observed a red “Crotch Rocket” style motorcycle on Route 33 getting ready to turn onto Mt. Nebo; The motorcycle did not have registration.

Deputy Collins activated his blue lights and siren signaling to the driver that they were being pulled over. The operator of the motorcycle looked back and saw the lights and then rapidly accelerated on Route 33 West. The motorcycle reached speeds in excess of 130 MPH.

Right before Kesling Mill Road, the motorcycle weaved in between multiple cars and then rapidly slowed to attempt to turn onto Kesling Mill Road before accelerating again back onto Route 33 without signaling. The driver looked back towards Deputy Collins’ patrol vehicle, at which time the driver’s visor flew off his helmet.

The motorcycle then braked hard while traveling along the shoulder of Route 33. and attempted to swerve back into the road and then collided with the patrol car in the front passenger side fender/bumper.

Deputy Collins got out of patrol vehicle and placed the driver under arrest with no further incident, and identified the driver as Ryan Thomas Wright via his West Virginia Driver’s License. Wright refused medical treatment and advised he was in uninjured. The patrol car suffered functional damage and the motorcycle was towed from the scene.

Wright is charged with one felony count of Fleeing with Reckless Indifference to the Safety of Others with more charges forthcoming and was transported to Tygart Valley Regional Jail to await arraignment.

The Upshur County Sheriff’s Office was assisted by Buckhannon City Police Dept., and WV State police.

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