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How Taking Morning Walks Will Improve Your Life

September 14, 2022

Mountaineer News

Wellness Wednesday's

Morning Walk, Anyone?

Feeling fresh, not feeling blue, having a great blood circulation, staying fit, starting the day with enthusiasm... these are all side-effects to expect when you decide to start taking morning walks.

It will fill you up with energy. Even your skin will look better, more radiant.

All you need to do is to walk thirty to forty-five minutes per day and you'll feel the benefits sooner than you think!

Let's give it a shot, shall we?

Feel fresh, not blue!

Let's start the day with a ray of sun and fresh air!

Let's be enthusiastic about the beginning of the day!

Let's be the best version of yourself!

Smile and say hello to passersby's, even if it's not reciprocal!

Morning walk or morning coffee?

Both! There's no need to choose. You can get up, make a cup of coffee (or two), and hit the road!

While walking and drinking coffee, you'll have time to plan your day, so your organization will improve as it help clear your thoughts. Fresh air will help you wake up faster, and you'll feel fresh, calm and ready for whatever the day brings.

A walk should probably be the first thing you do every morning. This way, after you're finished, you'll feel encouraged and have a sense of achievement., which will have a strong, positive impact on your mindset.

Good for your heart!

Do the best for your heart, and stay physically active! Take a walk every day.

Cardiovascular Benefits

Stay active! That's the best thing you can do for your cardiovascular system. Even if you have to sit all day long (because your job requires it, etc.), you can be sure you've done something good for your health.

Researches say that if you walk at a brisk pace (three to four miles per hour), you reduce your risk of suffering from hearth disease by 40%!

Always remember: walking is good for your heart! Do the best for your heart, and stay physically active! Take a walk every day.

Let's go!

After taking a longer walk in the morning, it's almost impossible not to feel enthusiastic and expect a new day feeling refreshed and renewed. Our worries will still be there, of course, but it'll be much easier to deal with them with exercise or a daily walk.

The influence that exercising has on our mental state is perhaps the most valuable side-effect physical exercising can bring. We become calmer, and it becomes less burdensome to face our problems.

Once you make yourself do something you're typically not in the mood to do each morning (and successfully follow through), you'll have a "can do" attitude that will carry forward throughout the day.

Ready, steady, go!

Staying fit, a great mindset, less cardiovascular problems, not feeling depressed, feeling good about yourself... these are all good reasons to try morning walks.


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