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Cast Your Ballot; In-person Early Voting Began Yesterday

October 27, 2022

News Release | AP


West Virginians who want to vote in person before Election Day can start casting ballots . Wednesday began early voting at local courthouses and other community polling locations.

Early voting is available in all 55 counties in West Virginia until November 5th, three days before the November 8th election.

Voters will be tasked with making decisions on candidates in local, state and congressional races. They will also consider four amendments to the state constitution — a rarity for a state without a ballot initiative process. The last time voters considered an amendment on the ballot was an abortion-related question in 2018.

Republican Gov. Jim Justice and GOP state legislative leaders have clashed over Amendment 2, which would give state lawmakers the ability to eliminate a business and inventory tax along with the vehicle tax.

Justice, who wants to cut — and eventually eliminate — the state income tax instead, has toured the state to urge voters to reject the proposal. He says the passage of the amendment could harm schools, cities and counties that rely on property taxes and give companies large tax breaks.

Top lawmakers say the amendment will attract economic and business development to the state.

Amendment 4 would amend the state constitution to give the legislature final say over state Board of Education rules and policies. By law, all government agencies in West Virginia except for the education board are required to submit new rules and regulations each year to lawmakers for final approval.

The state’s public school employee unions and other top education officials have spoken out in opposition to the amendment.

Amendment 1 would bar state courts from intervening in impeachment proceedings by the state legislature. Amendment 3 would erase a provision in the constitution that bars churches and religious denominations from being incorporated.

A list of early voting locations can be found on the West Virginia secretary of state’s website.

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