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Keeping Your Sense of Humor

By: Robin Pyatt Bellamy, Mountaineer News Contributor

Posted: April 2, 2020 | 08:45PM EST

Let’s face it, these are stressful times. We’re worried about everything from money to death. We’re stuck at home with our “loved ones” who we are finding fairly hard to love right now. It’s not fun, and it certainly isn’t funny.

The thing is, everybody is going through this. It isn’t like that month you couldn’t pay the rent and were stressed out. It isn’t like when just YOUR baby was puking all over the place. This time, it really isn’t about you. It’s about all of us.

That’s hard when you’re struggling. When ever cough incites panic, or you can’t get to the store to buy bread, it’s tough. It’s even tougher when there IS no bread (or toilet paper). It’s worse yet when that cough means you’re infected. Most days you just wish you could curl up in your bed and block the world out. Unfortunately, the daily tasks of living have to continue.

If you are still working, bless your heart. We appreciate your sacrifice. You’re exhausted, and stressed out, and having to leave your family to deal with this while trying desperately not to infect them with what someone sneezed onto you today. If you’re NOT working, or working from home, we appreciate you too. We know it’s hard, and lonely, and aggravating. In every case, in every place, we’re a tad short tempered.

Stop. Breathe. Choose a different path.

The internet is full of all kinds of things, and one of the best is comic relief. Dancing cats, funny meme’s, and light hearted humor will save us. You still have to home school, keep your hands clean, and fight extreme boredom, but take a minute for humor. Maybe not everyone on your Facebook friends will laugh at what you find funny, but right now that doesn’t really matter. You do you. Allow others to do that as well.

I loved this one that came across my timeline:

It’s a tad dark, given our current issues, but I found it hysterical. I may have found it funny because a) I actually do have a renaissance outfit and b) I’m a huge Mel Brooks fan. The point is, it makes me laugh at a time when there really isn’t much to laugh about. My husband loves this one:

My mom is a big fan of puns. It makes the rest of us a little crazy, but she’s the pun queen.

That one is a groaner for sure.

Robin Pyatt Bellamy was born in Point Pleasant, WV in 1961 and grew up in Ravenswood. She is a professional paranormal researcher, family history researcher, and author. Currently living in Toronto, Canada she is the mother of three adult children, grandma to two littles, and a modern day “southern belle”.

All photos are from a Google search

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