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July 28, 2022

Mountaineer News

UCCVB Release

BUCKHANNON - It’s officially summer when plans are underway for WV’s Largest Yard Sale in Buckhannon and Weston.

The first weekend in August has become a HUGE annual event – folks start calling in January / February to confirm the dates and make their plans. Not only are people coming from all over West Virginia to bargain shop, but from surrounding states and as far as Florida to find a good deal. Find hundreds of Yard Sales scattered throughout 2 counties in the center of West Virginia and join us as we welcome visitors as they travel and discover our small town’s charm.

That’s the goal of WV’s Largest Yard Sale…. for locals to have an opportunity to sell their unwanted items and clear out their garages while bargain hunters have the best experience shopping yard sales in our towns. Not only do folks stop by the Yard Sales, they are exploring all that Buchkannon and Weston have to offer. They get to see the historic buildings, drive some country roads, discover amazing food at local restaurants and enjoy a weekend with their friends and family.

If Bargain Hunting, Be Prepared . Comfortable Walking Shoes – One of the great things about WV’s Largest Yard Sale is that you get to see our beautiful neighborhoods, and many times you’ll find a long stretch of Yard Sales along one street. But you do have to walk between Yard Sales, so plan to dress comfortably!

. Water, Water and more Water – The weather is always spectacular and sunny during WV’s Largest Yard Sale, so stay hydrated & enjoy! Sunscreen, sunglasses & hats are a good idea, too.

. Shopping Bags – Most of the individual Yard Sales will have bags available for you after you’ve purchased a few items; But it’s a good idea to bring a reusable bag, just in case.

. Cash & Change – It sounds obvious, but remember to bring pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and plenty of ‘small’ bills to purchase your bargain!

Questions? Email / 304-473-1400 or / 304-269-7328.

Locals: if you’d like to register your Yard Sale, please register for free with our ONLINE FORM before Friday, July 29th!

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