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Let The Ballots Do The Talking

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

By: Robin A. Holstein, Mountaineer News Contributor

Posted: March 08, 2020 | 04:49AM EST

Hinterlands of Eastern Kanawha County:

“Super Tuesday '' has come and gone. Wheat is being separated from the chaff. Our primary election arrives in May, with November not far behind.

Get ready.

For way too long a majority of voting aged citizens have skipped their duty to cast ballots selecting those individuals who represent their views in government at all levels.

Consistently, 75 percent or more fail to take one day every two-to-four years to make this choice, thus allowing a minority of 25 percent of the people to choose the path our government should take. Now, we face the real potential of having a man in the White House who admires Fidel Castro, Karl Marks, and Vladimir Lenin, or one who is called a moderate who is only moderate because the other is so far to the left.

Voters who were actually taught history may get a twinge of deja-vu as you consider this path. A charismatic leader whips the emotions of the people, the workers, by shouting about the unfairness of their labor going to support the rich, the milli--- oops -- billionaires.

They need a living wage, a fair wage for everyone! It isn’t right for them to pay for medical care, that should be provided by the government for free. Why should the poor have to endure decades of debt just to go to college? Erase that debt, let the government pay for it. A college education is as much a right as a high school diploma.

The election of the Democratic-Socialist (read democratic-centralist) is the completion of step-one of the two-step revolution changing a capitalist society to a socialist society to a communist society. With the democratic-centralist in the White House, the second step begins by removing social classes, and curbing the independence of state governments until they are of little value.

It can’t happen overnight, but then they haven’t been at it since last night. They have been at it over five decades, and more. Most recently October 21, 2009, White House Communications Director Anita Dunn cited Mao Zedong as a “philosopher” she admired. ADMIRED! Mao killed over 20 MILLION people!

George Orwell is quoted as saying the best way to destroy a people is to deny and obliterate their history. Former First Lady Michelle Obama said, “We have to change our history, and traditions.” (May 14, 2008) And we have.

We’ve stopped teaching the true history of our country. We no longer teach the warts-and-all truth about the founding, and growing of our nation to our children. We tear down statues because they upset people. Some of those statues should upset people so they will know why we cannot return to those ways, or those behaviors. We need to be able to point to them and say, “This was wrong.” The United States isn’t perfect. Yet, to quote Neil Diamond, “They come to America.”

How did that happen?

Because 75 percent of you don’t vote, the 25 percent do.

This is a transformational election year. Either the capitalist will win, and we’ll have a few more years of freedom, or one of the two socialists will win, and we’ll begin the slide toward communism. Your voice needs to be heard. Your vote needs to be cast. Your ballot is a secret ballot, so unless you tell someone how you voted no one will know.

We need to know what you want.

Let the ballots due the talking.

Robin is the owner of Holstein House and Robin’s Desktop.

Visit Holstein House or Robin’s Desktop for more information.

Phone 304-460-5639

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