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Councilman Dave Thomas Lied to Buckhannon Voters!

Editorial Board - May 07, 2022

BUCKHANNON: City Councilman J. David Thomas made an announcement within Buckhannon City Council Chambers on August 20, 2021. Here's what he said:

"I’m going to announce right now, I’m not going to run again period. I’ve been elected 5 times. That’s enough. That will be 18 years. I do want to get some people, younger people, like Robbie like our Mayor. I supported Robbie. I thought here we have a fresh face. I think that’s really important. So, I would like to make a motion, eventually Robbie, to appoint Shelia. I think it’s really important for the community; important for the city." - J. David Thomas, Councilor

Dave Thomas is not honoring his word, Buckhannon! His name IS appearing on the ballot for City Council again this election, and we can only assume that he's hoping no one remembers his impassioned speech from nine months ago.

Not only did Dave Thomas lie about never running again, he also chose to align himself with a local media service provider to smear other local and state candidates. This same media company was exposed in a recent Charleston Gazette-Mail feature after they had made several false accusations against local/state candidates and the newspaper itself.

Mountaineer News previously published, "An Open Letter to Dave Thomas" and sent comment requests to his political media representative. No response has been received since this publication.

We, as the Voters of our great city have a responsibility to hold our elected officials accountable. We cannot trust someone who lies and then plays dirty politics for re-election. -


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