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Meet the Candidate - Denise Campbell, Candidate for WV State Senator

By: Denise Campbell, Candidate for WV State Senator, 11th Senatorial District Posted: March 15, 2020 | 07:40AM EST

Elkins - On January 20th, 2020 Denise Campbell of Randolph County filed as a candidate for WV State Senator of the 11th Senatorial district.

Denise is a mother of two sons, married to Ric Campbell. Campbell is a Registered Nurse and current teaches in the School of Nursing at Alderson Broaddus University. She is a graduate of Elkins High School, Davis & Elkins College, Alderson Broaddus University, Marshall University and recently received a Doctorate in Nursing practice with a focus in Health Care policy.

Campbell states she has a strong desire to help, advocate and represent the citizens of WV. As a proven leader with over 30 years of experience in Health Care and a previous Delegate of the WV House of Delegates. Being the representative of the 11th Senatorial District would expand my ability to help more citizens of West Virginia.

West Virginia needs to have a plan to ensure that its citizens have access to healthcare and protect our community hospitals. The 11th Senatorial district needs someone that knows how to get things done and I am one that can do that and has done that. My experience as a Delegate for the 43rd District (3 Terms) in the WV House of Delegates has given me the ability to develop relationships that has allowed me the to work with fellow legislators both in the House and in the Senate.

I believe it is extremely important to work together in order to make WV stronger. When we all work together we can accomplish so much more. I will continue to work with members of the legislature to do what is best for the citizens of WV and to move WV in the right direction. I am committed to the citizens of WV and want to advocate for their concerns and issues first and foremost. We need jobs, broadband access to encourage businesses to locate to WV, programs that encourage our students to stay in school and remain in West Virginia. We need a trained workforce, treatment for those with addiction and protection and support for our Seniors, Children, Veterans and Coal miners.

I have learned that it is most important to look at all sides of an issue and how it will affect the district and the people of the district. The people of WV is what makes WV the greatest place to live, work and raise a family, I will take being an advocate for the people of my district as my priority. I want to be the Voice of the people! The voice of Rural West Virginia. The people of West Virginia always come first not the party.

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