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Merry Christmas from The WVWC Pharos; A Vintage Buckhannon Exclusive Presented by Mountaineer News

December 20, 2022

Mountaineer News

Vintage Buckhannon

This week, it's our first-ever Vintage Buckhannon 'Relic Reveal' straight out of the Vintage Buckhannon Vault.

The Wesleyan Pharos: From 1892-94 President Hutchinson periodically issued a small news bulletin under the title of The Seminary Herald. During the school year 1899-1900 two students, W. H. Franklin and C. H. King, began monthly publication of a small magazine-type paper known as The Seminary Collegiate.

In 1904-05 the managing editor of the Collegiate asked the help of the faculty in selecting a name for the school paper from three which had been suggested. The name Pharos was chosen.

Just in time for the holidays, we've procured The Wesleyan Pharos Christmas Issue from December 19, 1928 (printed ninety-four years and one day ago today).

The front page depicts an illustration of what the new 1929 addition to the Agnes Howard Hall would look like upon its completion, and is chock-full of advertisements from local businesses.

We hope you enjoy these images of The Wesleyan Pharos, December 19, 1928 Christmas Issue. (4 pages total).

Until next week's Vintage exclusive, Merry Christmas, Buckhannon!

The Pharos: December 19, 1928 - Page 1:

The Pharos: December 19, 1928 - Page 2:

The Pharos: December 19, 1928 - Page 3:

The Pharos: December 19, 1928 - Page 4:

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