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Mountaineer News Releases Exclusive - A Rare Look Inside the Upshur County Courthouse Clock Tower

June 7, 2022

Mountaineer News | The Editors

Vintage Buckhannon

BUCKHANNON, WV - Mountaineer News went on a tour of the Upshur County Courthouse Clock Tower earlier last week to give Buckhannon residents a look inside the historic Colonial Revival structure that's been seated in this beloved city for over one hundred twenty years.

It's part of their Vintage Buckhannon - Throwback Tuesday Series featuring historic photographs, artifacts and other various rarities from days gone by. The exclusive premiered earlier today.

Whether it be during our commute to work, running errands, or simply visiting one of the local shops on historic Main Street to support local businesses, most of us drive or walk by the courthouse every day. We've all seen the building's lovely exterior, and now you can finally take a look at the the Clock Tower's interior online without having to go anywhere.

The origins of the Clock Tower Bell, located in the dome's mid-level belfry, is currently being researched by Mountaineer News in an effort to ascertain where its maker and/or location may have been, whether locally or abroad.

What we do know is that the bell is original to the tower; the courthouse underwent construction between 1899 and 1902; The original courthouse was razed shortly after the Civil War due to extensive damage. We're also aware that occasional part replacements and electronic mechanisms have been installed and/or updated over the years to maintain its functionality and longevity.

So, in the meantime, as we research the Clock Tower Bell of Upshur County, if you've ever wondered what the inside of that beautiful Clock Tower sitting atop the Upshur County Courthouse looks like, then what are waiting for? It's now just a click away!


Editor's Note: Please join us in extending our profuse thanks to Upshur County's Facilities Director, Mr. Greg Harris. Without him, none of this virtual pictorial would have been possible. We are forever grateful for the opportunity to be included and share this small piece of our local history with the Upshur County Community.

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