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New Municipal Building Commission Established for the City of Buckhannon

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

December 4, 2022

Mountaineer News

Buckhannon City Council

City Recorder & Information Coordinator Randy Sanders looks on as Mayor Robbie Skinner discusses the new board and its members during the December 1st meeting.

BUCKHANNON - During the December 1st City Council meeting, the establishment of a new Municipal Building Commission was approved and its board members were announced.

“As this has been referenced a few times this evening, we have to establish our Municipal Building Commission. We haven't had that meet in a couple of years, and so everybody that was on there… their terms expired,” Mayor Robbie Skinner said.

“So, I'm asking for Council to approve a Building Commission. And just for Council’s background and information… the Building Commission… you cannot serve on any other board or committee that the city has. You can only be on the Building Commission, and it is political party sensitive, so you have to have an equal number of Republicans and Democrats, and Independents can be put in the mix as well,” Skinner said.

The new Building Commission consists of two (2) Republicans, one (1) Independent and two (2) Democrats.

New Board Members are:

  • Jane Godwin

  • Danny Williams

  • Justin Dynes

  • Erica Byrd

  • Kelly Queen

Mayor Skinner concluded that, "the Building Commission will need to take up next week to start our process with the Stockert Youth and Community Center building."

Watch the entire Municipal Building Commission segment from the December 1st meeting:

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