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No Action to be Taken on Ordinance Establishing Process for Filling Future City Council Vacancies

November 22, 2022

Mountaineer News

Buckhannon City Council

Mayor Robbie Skinner addresses City Councilman David McCauley's concerns during the November 17th Buckhannon City Council Meeting

BUCKHANNON - During the November 17th Buckhannon City Council Meeting, City Councilman David McCauley expressed his disappointment in Council's failure to adopt an ordinance that would replace council members in the event of a vacancy, and asked that the matter be formally resolved and placed on the agenda.

"If Folks have changed their minds about the ordinance, that's fine. But I think that we should have our minutes reflect that an ordinance that has been contrived... been out there for two or three months now, and we have chosen as a body to not adopt it...," McCauley said.

Mayor Robbie Skinner rebutted the need to adopt an ordinance to fill further vacancies, and explained how the majority of Council did not wish to proceed with establishing an ordinance:

"Five members of council and honestly, including myself, prefer that we take no action on this matter. When we did bring it up (after the November 3rd City Council meeting), I was one who did vote no to do it, but I wanted to hear from all of the council members that we take no end action on this matter. And the majority of council wishes that we retain the maximum flexibility," Skinner stated.

"Thus drafting an ordinance restricting our authorities that are bestowed upon us by the charter would ultimately be considered redundant and unnecessary. For the record, only you and Pam (Bucklew) wanted the issue pushed and so, I made the call as the chair of council who sets the agenda out of respect and wishes from the majority of our council… I did not include the draft ordinance on discussion for agenda this week…," Skinner said.

Watch the brief interaction containing full remarks by both Mayor Robbie Skinner and City Councilman David McCauley - Segmented for your convenience.

City Councilman David McCauley addresses Council:

Mayor Robbie Skinner addresses Councilman McCauley's concerns:

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