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Oink’s BBQ Closing by the End of June

June 9, 2022

Mountaineer News

BUCKHANNON, WV - In a Facebook post on Wednesday, the owner of Oink's BBQ announced that personal health issues have forced the closure, and while the restaurant will shut its doors by the end of the month, the exact date isn’t yet known.

Their public announcement read as follows:


It is with a very sad heavy heart that I make this post. Due to personal heath issues Oink's BBQ will be closing by the end of the month. The exact date of closing is unknown at this time. We will keep our doors open this month as long as we can.

I am so appreciative of the support that Buckhannon has offered in the last year and a half that we have been open. It has been a very wild ride. I have loved getting to know each and every one of you that have walked into my restaurant and without you I would have never made it this far. Buckhannon is full of great people!

When I have an exact end date it will be posted but until then get in here and eat some BBQ to help us go out with a bang."

When an exact closing date is known, it will be posted on their Facebook page. We wish them well and want to thank them for their service to our community. Let's support them as much as we can, Buckhannon!

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