West Virginia Reaches Record High Gas Prices

June 6, 2022

Mountaineer News

BUCKHANNON, WV - According to AAA, West Virginia is at a record high when it comes to gas prices, and that goes for regular unleaded and diesel.

Currently, the average price of gas in West Virginia is $4.633 for regular unleaded and $5.674 for diesel.

The national average for gas is currently $4.865 which is also a record high in the United States, which is double the price of gas when Biden took office. A gallon of regular gas at the time was on average $2.38 per gallon in January 2021.

Senior administration officials acknowledge that this is a major problem and there are hurdles to overcome.

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo stated, "Biden wakes up every day and goes to bed every night thinking about how to get a lid on the out-of-control prices in America." She also stated that the president is now weighing lifting some of the Trump-imposed tariffs on China;

The tariffs were imposed on hundreds of billions of dollars worth of Chinese goods that happened during the trade war back in 2018 through 2019.

The White House is considering whether removing some of those tariffs could help lower prices on goods in the U.S. According to AAA, Tucker County has the highest average at $4.899. Upshur County's average is at $4.799.