Reuben On The Road (to Recovery)

By: Spike Nesmith, Executive Producer, Coffee Anyone Chief Editor, Your Buckhannon

Posted: March 18, 2020 | 07:42AM EST

Reuben Perdue was one of the first, if not the first person I really bonded with when I moved to Buckhannon twelve years ago. Our shared love of football (soccer) is what brought us together. “Where are you from?” He asked. “Glasgow. To the west,” I said. “So tell me… Rangers or Celtic?” That is the magic question to ask anyone from Glasgow, which of the two major football teams you support. I told him I was a Rangers fan and he smiled. “I’m a Manchester City guy. I think we’ll get along just fine.” Through the years, Reuben and I have done a lot together, whether it’s game night at my house, talk shows on Clarksburg’s WAJR-FM, or play by play for local high school soccer games. But Reuben is more than that. For a guy with such a sharp, often hilariously vicious, sense of humour, there is an enormous community spirit and love of place in Reuben’s heart. Never one to shy away from charity events or community happenings, Reuben donated so much of his time and energy through the years to all sorts of good causes. Reuben had a heart attack some years ago, but that didn’t slow down any of what he did, and while his move to Missouri was jarring in that I didn’t have a Catan partner anymore, or a lunch companion, we kept in touch and he grew as a broadcaster and news anchor. And this is where the ultimate good cause comes in, the Go Fund Me at the bottom of the page. If you were ever entertained by Reuben on the radio, if you were ever inspired by his charity work, or if you just think that you would love a guy who, after a heart attack, sat up in bed and barked, “why can’t I get anyone to bring me a bacon double cheeseburger??!!” Please give what you can to help with the medical expenses and to aid his recovery. Thank you!