An Important Public Service Announcement

May 28, 2022

Strange Fact Saturday's

BUCKHANNON, WV - The Upshur County Pool officially opened to the public today, so it's time once again to bring you this important public service announcement from your past and present-day WV State Lawmakers:

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Under current West Virginia State Law, it is illegal to whistle while underwater.

Therefore, we certainly don't recommend it... even if you're capable of performing such a feat.

Don't be an underwater whistling law-breaker. If you didn't know, now you do. And if you hear it happening, report it to the nearest lifeguard.

"Only YOU can prevent underwater whistling violations."

This has been Strange Fact Saturday for May 28, 2022. We'll be back here again next week for more strange facts with a splash of satire.