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To: David McCauley - Thank you for your community service.

Editorial Board - Community Service Feature: Residents Who Make A Difference

David W. McCauley -

Buckhannon Resident and Professor at West Virginia Wesleyan College

May 04, 2022

BUCKHANNON - Dave McCauley is no stranger to Buckhannon. Anyone who has lived here for any length of time has at least heard his name mentioned, and rightfully so!

Whenever he's not teaching and there's a community event, you can count on Dave McCauley to be there for support. And it doesn't matter what it is; even if it means getting his hands dirty, Dave will be there!

Whenever our community theater needs a true professional to play their extremely difficult roles, they turn to Dave McCauley.

Whenever you reach out, no matter what, you can always count on Dave to be there for our community.

Over the past forty-years, David McCauley has truly become a staple of Buckhannon. No one would disagree. He is truly the epitome of one individual making a remarkable impact within the city in which he lives and works. We are extremely grateful and fortunate to have him here in Buckhannon.

Dave, on behalf of the nearly fifty-five hundred residents of our great city... THANK YOU!! We owe you a huge debt of gratitude for everything you have done and continue to do for our community. -

For more on Dave's extensive community service and involvement with other projects, don't miss our special feature! CLICK HERE

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