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An Open Letter to David Thomas

We are simply seeking clarification regarding your official announcement on August 20, 2021

Letter to the Editor - 05/01/2022

Dear Mr. Thomas,

A group of registered Voters here in Buckhannon would like to bring to your attention the following announcement you made public on August 20th, 2021 within Buckhannon City Council Chambers:

"I’m going to announce right now, I’m not going to run again period. I’ve been elected 5 times. That’s enough. That will be 18 years. I do want to get some people, younger people, like Robbie like our Mayor. I supported Robbie. I thought here we have a fresh face. I think that’s really important. So, I would like to make a motion, eventually Robbie, to appoint Shelia. I think it’s really important for the community; important for the city." - J. David Thomas, Councilor

Are we to assume that we were lied to, Mr. Thomas? It's a fair question.

You were extremely passionate when you made this announcement and we wholeheartedly agree that TERM-LIMITS ARE NEEDED WITHIN OUR CITY COUNCIL!

This announcement was made during your extensive declaration given in support of Shelia Lewis-Sines’ appointment to a vacant Council seat... stressing the importance of 'fresh faces' and how "'s really important for the community; important for the city."

We couldn't agree more!

So, imagine what a positive impact you would have by simply setting an example for our community, Mr. Thomas... by honoring what you said you were going to do on August 20, 2021.

Your words are important. How you use those words are important. If you say one thing and your actions prove otherwise, our community needs to pay attention and ask these important questions.

The Voters of Buckhannon are listening, Mr. Thomas.


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