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Unclaimed Items Being Auctioned at West Virginia State Fair

August 19, 2022

News Release | AP

CHARLESTON, WV - Unclaimed property such as rare coins, currency, jewelry and other collectibles will be up for auction at two events this week at the State Fair of West Virginia in Fairlea, the state treasurer’s office said.

Two auctions were held last week, and the final two will be Friday and Saturday, starting at 5:00 pm each day. The items are on display throughout the fair at the state treasurer’s office booth in the West Virginia Building.

Items up for bid have been turned over to the office’s Unclaimed Property Division. Such items often come from abandoned safe deposit boxes, Treasurer Riley Moore’s office said in a news release.

The Unclaimed Property Division tries to locate the owner before selling items through auction. When the items are sold at auction, the proceeds remain in an individual’s name to be claimed in the future, Moore’s office said.

Staff from the treasurer’s office will be available during the fair to conduct unclaimed property searches for people visiting the office’s booth.

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