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Vintage West Virginia; On This Day in West Virginia History, September 21st

September 20, 2022

Mountaineer News

Vintage West Virginia

Prominent educator J. McHenry Jones, whose novel Hearts of Gold was the first published by an African-American in West Virginia, was installed as principal of the West Virginia State Colored Institute on September 21, 1898.

Learn more: "A Royal Welcome Extended to Prof. J. McHenry Jones, Yesterday and Last Night" "Prof. J. M'H. Jones Appointed to the Principalship of the State Colored Institute" "Has Jones Been Elected?" "Prof. Jones Accepts" "J. M'Henry Jones Educator And Great Negro Dead" "Judge M'Whorter Pays Tribute To J. M'Henry Jones" "Prominent Men Attend Funeral Of J. M'Henry Jones" Cover Page of Hearts of Gold Document-Based Questions

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