West Virginia Wesleyan College Professor Wins Best Paper at National Business Conference

November 1, 2022

Mountaineer News

WVWC News Release

BUCKHANNON - Dr. Joshua Beck, a business professor of West Virginia Wesleyan College,

has won Best Paper at the National Association of Business, Economics, and Technology (NABET) conference.

NABET hosts conferences for faculty of colleges and universities to share their peer-reviewed work and each piece of work is eligible to be published.

Beck, received a plaque for Best Paper on his “Management and Leaders Understanding Communication Dynamics: The Impact of Internal Communication on Satisfaction, Performance, and Motivation.” His work focuses on internal communication preferences of employees in the workforce and measures the impact on communication preferences to employees. He found that communicating purpose and task assignments were a highly valued desire for employees from their manager of organization.

He states that, “The respondents indicated that this concept positively impacted motivation, satisfaction, and performance,” and, “I would encourage managers and leaders within organizations or business owners to read the paper and to see if implementing the simple but potentially effective concept is worthwhile.”

Beck was humbled and honored to receive his award. “I respect the work of my colleagues, and that recognition from them means a lot to me, especially as many of them have incredible research,” he said. “To get recognized for something I have worked hard at for years is very rewarding and fulfilling.”

Beck’s work will be published in the 2022 NABET conference proceedings.