Yard Sale Season is in Full Swing, Buckhannon!

May 28, 2022

Community Connections | The Editors

Get ready for your sale!

BUCKHANNON, WV - Summer is near and that means it's Yard Sale season again in Upshur County.

This year, we're here to help you make the most out of your sales. The strategies presented in this week's -Community Connections- will help you make the most out of your yard sale this season.

Today we're covering:

- When to have your sale (ideal days & times)

- Must have supplies

- Organizing Tips

- Pricing your items

- How to price those handmade items YOU made (even those that others give you to sell)

- What to sell

- Presentation

- Set up

- Marketing

- Item suggestions to help you with your sale!

- Templates

- Handmade/Crafts Tips & pricing

What to sell at your sale:

- Clothes - These go pretty fast

- Toys - All varieties

- Accessories

- Tools - These people show up early

- Jewelry

- Handmade items- don't sell yourself short. Check out an 'equation card' or download the craft calculator from Amazon

- Books - Doesn't matter what genre it is

- Music - (Vinyl & Tapes are making a comeback

- Movies - Do you have a hidden gem of rare DVDs or collectible VHS cassette collection?

- Video games - Most are looking for some PS & PS 2, Sega Saturn, Nintendo DS and/or any vintage games or consoles.

- High end items like vases, candelabras, computer equipment, furniture, bikes, electronics, exercise equipment, etc.

Printable Checklist:

When should I hold my sale?

The best months to have a Yard Sale is from May through September, and sometimes during October/November, depending on the weather .

The best days are usually Saturday and Sundays (and sometimes on Friday's).

You need to give yourself at least 2 hours to set up unless you have a few people helping out.

Start Times: Have your start time begin at 9 or 10am. This will give you some time to set up, depending on the amount of items you have for sale and the number of people helping.

Closing Times: From 3 to 5pm is usually best. Be sure to include cleanup time as well.

Have a backup plan by setting a rain date or two, usually for the following weekend(s). You could also make alternate plans in case of inclimate weather, such as moving the sale to an outdoor pavilion or somewhere indoors.

Must-Have SALE Supplies:

- Grocery bags for sales of a few items

- Boxes for bigger items or fragile ones

- Packing for fragile items with so it doesn't move around.

- Blank or pre-priced tags

- Small tags on string for the jewelry

- Pen and marker

- Pieces of cardboard or card stock

- Tarp - For anything you will put on lawn

- Extension Chord(s) - to test that it works & show how it does

- *Balloons (optional)

- *Almost forgot the MOST important... TABLES and somewhere to hang clothes



Online, community newsletters, Mountaineer News (coming soon), local groups, etc.

Provide Enough Space

Be sure to leave lots of open space around areas where people will linger, such as areas to look through books, flipping through or sizing up clothes, etc.

Make your stuff more sell-able.

- Clean it up: Dust it, wash it with proper cleaner or better yet just use a b