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Is Robert Karnes Good for West Virginia?

Here are the FACTS. YOU decide...

Let's begin by asking why Robert Karnes is still calling himself a Senator. Shouldn't he be saying, Former Senator Karnes? He's lying right out of the gate, folks! He is a former Senator.


Mr. Karnes learned a valuable lesson while up for his re-election last term... Don't mess with or mock West Virginia teachers. Here's what happened: CLICK HERE

Mr. Karnes' residency here in West Virginia has been questioned by credentialed news organizations among other entities. He owns an information technology business in Florida. How he ended up in our state legislature is anyone's guess. Here's more information about the discrepancies regarding the former Senator's residency: 


In case you didn't know or hadn't heard, Mr. Karnes is well known for his anti-Semitic comments. Here are just a couple of resources regarding his discriminatory viewpoints: CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE

If you really want to see what kind of person Robert Karnes truly is, visit his political Facebook or Twitter pages and mention any of the aforementioned subjects. Your comments will almost immediately be deleted and you will be blocked from being able to further comment on his timeline.


If he truly was a current Senator, he would know that such actions are illegal if you hold an elected office. But most importantly, if he's deleting comments and blocking folks now, do you really think he'll be a reliable and trustworthy voice for us in Charleston? Of course he won't!

Karnes was a disgrace when he previously held public office and many of his Republican constituents don't want him back in Charleston! And who wants an 8% tax on our groceries? That's what he'll do if he's elected!


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