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Vintage Buckhannon

The 1949 Strawberry Festival Official Yearbook & Program depicts an outline of a strawberry containing numerous signatures of both men and women; We assume that these individuals were involved in the festival and/or community leaders during that time.

What piqued our interest was the page's caption:

preview (2).png

If you've ever researched Buckhannon's rich history, you'll encounter the names of several businessmen who helped build the landmarks of this historic city.


The names engraved on the facades of several historic buildings are sometimes taken for granted. They shouldn't be. Often, those names confer exclusivity and class on structures that might otherwise go largely and unfairly unnoticed.

That being said, look at all the womens' signatures on this little piece of Buckhannon's history. Imagine the stories we could tell if only we knew some of these 'Business and Professional Women' from over seventy-three years ago.

We're hoping that people within our community, especially those native to Upshur County, will be able to identify at least a few of these signatures. Our goal is to bring their stories to life. Can you help us?


Perhaps you recognize a family member or a friend's surname who may be able to provide information for these stories.

We're researching the names, too, and will keep you posted as we progress with our searches.

We greatly appreciate any help we can get, Buckhannon. We're grateful for your time and efforts. And if you can identify any of the mens' signatures, please let us know. We'll be featuring them in a future segment.

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