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Vintage Buckhannon

The Clock Tower Interior

- The Tower Base -

The tower base is just that; the area that provides the entrance to other levels within the Clock Tower.

Our Courthouse contains wall scuttles within this area for structural and mechanical accesses/maintenance purposes, such as the HVAC system located in the attic space directly above the courtroom.

There's also a special access that allows you to peek out the front Corinthian portico window overlooking Main Street.

One thing that can be said about this area of our Courthouse Clock Tower... Very little light gets in there. 

- The Climb -

Located on the second floor in the main Courthouse building is a secluded mechanical closet that acts as the storage place for the County Courthouse Christmas wreath. An impressive industrial ladder was hiding there, too, waiting to assist us in the ascent through the Clock Tower's interior.

According to Greg Harris, the County's Facilities Director, there used to be an old wooden ladder that was previously used to access the base, belfry and turret areas. The catwalk's were all wooden decking as well, creating platforms around the wall perimeters for access.


All of that changed a couple of decades ago when the county purchased new industrial-fixed ladders, catwalks and railings, which were installed at all vital egress areas within the Clock Tower. What a feat it was to hoist those extremely tall ladders up within the tower base from limited access below. 

Once we were finished with the Tower Base tour, it was time to climb further up to see the original bell that has kept Buckhannon's time for over one hundred twenty years.

An Editor's Note: We decided to include the image captured out the front Corinthian portico window overlooking Main Street. Even though the exterior side of the window was dirty (to be expected), it still captured a view you don't get to see everyday. 


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